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    The PBX Operator is responsible for incoming calls and transferring calls to other individuals. The crucial roles of the PBX Operator jobs are to route calls, transfer information, and handle the administrative duties. The operators mainly work in the office environment, and they should have excellent communication skills. They must also have strong telephone experience and showcase customer service skills.

    The telephone operator takes care of the private branch exchange switchboard and receives incoming calls. The professional also makes new connections for long distance and takes and transmits messages. They perform various tasks such as typing, checking and recording information. It is the responsibility of the PBX Operator to compile information and prepare reports.

    The professionals will handle basic questions such as hours of operation, directions. The PBX Operator must know how to use and maintain office equipment such as fax machines and calculator. They should have excellent telephone manners and have to be well-versed with the ins and outs of a multi-line phone system.

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